Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cooking Up a Mess!

Thought I'd share a pic of my kitchen in action. Not terribly exciting but I had one of 'those' moments whilst cooking this evening when I found myself realising how much I love cooking in my new kitchen.

Now I am not the main cook in this house...DH is far better than me and therefore spends more time whipping up meals than me, but I do enjoy it when I am cooking something I am relatively competent at. Tonight it was my kid's favourite casserole, Beef Diane. Simple but yummy. I have on many occasions 'stuffed it up' but tonight my kids tell me it's as good as dads (they get dessert now for being so kind!)

We have gas for the first time - it has taken some getting used to but I love it!

Can be a bit messy, lucky it's the cleaners day tomorrow!
 My latest cookbook acquisition - can't wait to entertain this summer!.
I don't think I've shown a pick of the mess that is my front yard with the planter box and letterbox bricked up. I have booked the renderer but no doubt this weather will delay his anticipated start of next week.

Question: when rendered, do I paint it white or grey? The fence/wall on the other side (see previous blog pics) will be the western myall grey.

Plenty of room for plants in there!
 The LetterBox!  Again, white or grey?
 The JunkPile!

We have 2 of these wicker chairs. They used to be on our deck. The seat cushions have been recovered numerous times and they are still comfy. The latest covers my dear old nan sewed for me are these dark grey ones. I bought the material from Ikea on my last visit there. This afternoon I bought 2 cushions to go on them. (Excuse the mess, they are still in the garage until we seal the travertine on the outdoor area)

Plus I bought a glass lantern and candle which I will show when the outdoor area is all set up.

That's all for now. DinnerTime!!



  1. I love your house, it's perfect!
    You could have some real fun with that planter box. Darker grey paint with horizontal timber slats to pick up your front door?? Maybe a textural tile? Stacked stone? Otherwise white. Letterbox definitely white!!
    No matter what you do with it it'll look grouse :)

  2. Hi Kylie - your kitchen is sensational!
    Everything seems to be coming along really nicely!

  3. Thanks guys, things are slowly coming together. Reinsey, you've given me some ideas to think about...I hadn't considered stone or tiles but good thinking! And by the way, I don't think I was able to comment on your sheer curtains...love them!