Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My First Hanging

DH and I were given a beautiful limited edition Ken Duncan photograph as a wedding gift over 10 years ago. We were determined to find a place for it in our new home but we were concerned with how it would fit in with our 'new look' home.
Fast forward past a reframing I had done for it and BINGO, it now matches in with our new decor and looks lovely in the kids TV room. It is the first picture hanging on our walls. (Plenty to come)

The photo is of a picturesque spot in the Northern Territory called Maguk Falls. The colours in it are truly beautiful.

The greens in it go well with the other green decor in the room. The frame goes really well with my dark floorboards.

I have also been enjoying some beautiful flowers which friends have given me for the house and my birthday. Fresh flowers really do lift a room. Inparticular, I have been enjoying having fresh flowers in my bedroom. As I haven't added too many personal touches in there yet (not through lack of searching I tell you!) they help to bring a lovely feel to the room. Here is my latest addition...

And one more first today...I baked my first lot of cupcakes in my oven! My daughter and her friend were begging me to make some - so we did! It's always hard to get used to a new oven and how it cooks compared to your last, but they were yummy if I do say my self! Here is my daughter (the blonde one on the right) and her little friend icing and decorating them (we had to make do with what was in the pantry).

I have had a bit more luck with tradies. A builder friend asked his brickie to call around to quote for my retaining wall...AND HE ACTUALLY TURNED UP! And he can do it next week! And his quote shouldn't be ridiculous. We figured it was going to be much cheaper to organise our own tradies to do the jobs rather than pay crazy prices that landscapers seem to charge. I also phoned another fencing guy (to go on top of the brick retaining wall) and he called me back too - will see tomorrow afternoon if he turns up. I am also going to visit the 'Modular Wall' place tomorrow to see if that's an economical option for on top of the retaining wall too.

Unfortunately, even though we have had two dry days, my paving/tiling guy has still not turned blood pressure is starting to rise over this issue.

Will keep you informed.



  1. That photograph looks wonderful; the new framing has worked a treat! The girls look quite chuffed with their decorating efforts! Getting tradies to turn up on time is so frustrating but generally one delay in a job just compounds further along the line. My husband runs a building company so I know this first hand. Calling to advise of a delay or the inability to turn up for an appointment is different; just plain rude! Good luck with it all coming together. I'm sure it will be worth the wait!
    x KL

  2. That is so true KL - I can deal with delays most of the time, but it's a lack of simple communication that is most frustrating. Just checked out your lovely blog...I loved flicking through my new House & Garden today too!