Saturday, October 29, 2011


Since moving into my new home I have had many 'I love' moments. I pretty much have them daily. I'm sure those of you who have already moved into your new homes know what I am talking about. And those of you who haven't yet moved in will know soon enough what I am talking about. 

Just 10 minutes ago I had 'I love' moment. I love my walk in wardrobe. It's not huge but I love that I can walk in there to get dressed and that there is room for most of my stuff and that exists really. I love my bedroom - my shutters, my lamps, my bedding, my furniture, my ensuite...

'I love' my outdoor room. Tonight we had my in-laws over and we sat out there for our first 'have people over for dinner and eat outside' night. It was lovely and warm so I turned our outdoor fans on low - cause I can and I love them. This dinner was particularly special because it was our in-laws who put up with us and spoilt us for 7 months whilst we built this house. It was particularly special because my father in-law has spent the last 2 weeks in and out of hospital very ill and it was just nice to have him here.
 Spot the difference? In the background of the pic below? I have a sore wrist tonight due to today's job...staining my retaining wall. It's charcoal to match all of the other timber around the house. If the weather behaves tomorrow I may get a second coat done.

I love that it was a warm, humid afternoon so I turned on the air con to cool things down a little. I love that my home it still really clean and tidy. I love my big open plan kitchen/living! I love that I still have plenty of places in the house to have fun decorating. I love that when my pool and garden are complete that I am going to love my backyard even more than today. I love that my kids love their rooms - I love my son's lava lamp being on every night when he goes to bed and that my daughter's wall decal reminds me of one of the most important jobs of the day.

I love that I have a whole summer ahead to enjoy my new home and entertain my family & friends - one thing I have missed terribly. I love that I still live in a beautiful location where we are surrounded by family and friends.

That is just a couple of my 'I love' moments. I could go on and on. What do you have 'I love' moments about in your new home? I'd love to hear.

As I mentioned, I stained the retaining wall today. DH filled a skip bin we had delivered. Our brickie guy poured a concrete footing for our glass fence. More work for us to do tomorrow between dropping both kids to birthday parties - Maya has a pamper party to attend and Connor is off to Hungry Jacks. Plus I need to visit my wonderful nan and parents (my dad started treatment for his illness this week too - great time with our parents at the moment - NOT!)

Thanks for letting me share my 'I love' moments with you.



  1. We have so much to be thankful for, good to see you are enjoying your home.

  2. I love that you are so in love, and clearly so grateful for what you have, both materially and family-wise. It makes all the hard work and effort worth it.

    Best wishes for speedy recoveries and wellness all round.


  3. Looking around the unit (or bomb-site) my boyfriend and I are renovating to sell to fund our new home, I cannot wait to fall in love with it like you have with yours...and, whilst I know it will happen, it seems a loooong way away...though really it should be August next year. Congrats on loving your home and best wishes for your father's speedy recovery.

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies - yes the hard work is worth it (even if it doesn't feel like it whilst shoveling away in the yard). More family entertaining to look forward to here next weekend - low-key which will be lovely. Pandorash8 - it will all happen before you know it - I feels like I can barely remember the old house that we lived in here for 10 years before knocking down.

  5. What a gorgeous post! So lovely to hear someone so appreciative of what they have - home, friends and family. My family have gone through one medical crisis after another this last 18 months so I empathise with you there. Here's to happy ouscomes for all so you can add that relief to your 'love' list. Looking forward to being in the same boat too!
    x KL

  6. I'm the same - SO many 'I love' moments in our new house!!

    I'm having one with your house too - I love the charcoal stained timber doors! Ours are Merbau and I hate the stain!! One day when I can afford to have a painter do it - or can be bothered myself - I'm going over our stain with a coat of charcoal! LOL

  7. Oh Kylie, how wonderful!

    I am looking forward to all those "I LOVE" moments, as they are currently "I CAN'T WAIT" moments.. lol