Sunday, October 16, 2011

Green Thumb

Friday did see my beloved waterline tiles go on...happy days. It is very hard to get a good photo of them, but in person they shine and sparkle and reflect their various colours beautifully. They are actually a turquoisey blue with copper swirls throughout them.

Yes they do still need to be grouted, but you get the picture.

We had 3t of organic mix and 1t of blue metal delivered. We ran out of the soil but did have enough to keep us busy for a couple of hours. We had to line the retaining walls and pop some ag pipe in too. We haven't mulched yet but the green in the gardens is lovely to finally see.

 So there you go, our efforts for the weekend. We will continue to finish it off as soon as we get the chance. Next up is project turf. We need a HUGE amount of soil in first to build the levels up and will then roll it on out. We also need to put in a concrete strip for one section of the pool fence to go into. Once the site for both house and pool have their final sign offs, we will pave and deck a couple of spots which we can't at the moment due to landscape ratio stuff. Silly really - we will have plenty of grass and garden left.

The tiler is due back tomorrow (and most of the week) to continue laying the outdoor room tiles and grout everything. I think the brickie will be back later in the week to do the planter box at the front.

Hope everyone has enjoyed the beautiful spring day today - more of this weather please!


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  1. Looking fab! Our landscaping was finally done last week, I will blog about it today hopefully.

    LOVE your waterline tiles, they will look amazing when the pool is filled and they are sparkling in the sun :)

    I hear you on the hard/soft ratio thing ;) We have miles of grass but our deck is at the largest we are permitted to have it...for now!