Thursday, October 13, 2011

That's Not a Wall...This is a Wall!

Well work has been happening around the place I am very happy to report today. We decided to go ahead with the full block/rendered wall. For the sake of a little more money, we decided to go the real deal with the wall. No sooner had we decided but ta daaa.... it's appeared. These show the view from the front:

Lovely mess to clear up!

It seems to make the block look extra wide!

And the following pics from the inside will also show you that our pool paving/tiling guy has been working hard.

To be honest, I had no idea how much work went into paving and tiling outdoor areas. He is a perfectionist when it comes to getting the levels all exact. He has some cutting and trimming of the coping tiles to do tomorrow (as you can tell from the above pic) and he plans to do the waterline tiles if the rain holds off (happy dance time - can't wait to see them!!) He has done the render layer on the outdoor room too and plans to lay those tiles next week.

What a difference a few days work makes! Tomorrow I will be on the phone to organise quotes for rendering the wall. We will paint it ourselves. We are having some blue metal and organic garden mix delivered Saturday morning so there will be some hard work going on here this weekend! I can't wait to stick some plants in the ground!!!!!!! Greenery...I am soooo sick of dirt! The following weekend will be turfing - really can't wait for that either. Plus by then our outdoor room should be nearly complete too.

My coral pics haven't arrived - hopefully any day now. I will wait to decide what I put with them once I see them in person and in the room. No rush - it will happen and my focus is outside at the moment - summer is a coming you know!!

And for anyone who's a foodie, my dinner at Otto was delish. Do these make your mouth water?

Deciding if I should drink the glass of $160 champers or glass of $170 champers first!! Very decadent night as you can see...and yes John Laws was there! 

Hopefully come the end of the weekend, I can show you even more progress pics! Hope everyone is having a good one!



  1. Isn't it amazing how much happens when everyone turns up to site??? Looking great, Kylie.


  2. Am so glad you went for the block option. Looks amazing already! Please invite me when you're having champers next. You obviously had one too many glasses in that pic! LOL