Saturday, October 8, 2011

Decorating Dilemma

OK, next problem. My main living area is quite large and the walls are still empty. I have ordered 6 gorgeous prints from the lovely Kerri at Driftwood Interiors

I wanted to brighten up the room and give it some life. I love all shades of blue, so I decided to combine blue with yellow. The prints are coral, seaweed type pics like the following 2 examples.

I ordered 6 altogether; 3 of each. They are very resonably priced on so pop on over to her site and have a look.

So what will I put in the same room - on the same large wall really - to complement each other. I want to have something bold and colourful...and not too expensive. After seeing a gorgeous bright piece of fabric art in this months House & Garden, I went searching. The one in the magazine is a Marrimekko...this one:

I found it on an Australian website and yes it is very well priced. But I think the colours in this one are not quite right. So I found these other Marrimekko fabrics that might be more suitable colourwise (remember they need to go with my coral prints - complement them but not overpower them)

This is my favourite

I like both of these but think they may be a bit too busy. 

This is very similar to the one in the mag...not sure the colours would go...but it does have both dark blue and yellow in it.

This is the room. The art will go on the wall behind the black lounge - the wall extends down further too so there really is plenty of room to put the 6 framed prints and another pic. This area looks better now with a coffee table, cushions and decoration, but is still pretty blank. 
For the wall between the lounge and the single chairs, I am planning on putting a wall unit similar to these ones. The first is from Fanuli Furniture and the second is from Beyond Furniture.

Which one (art fabric), if any, do you think would go? Let me know. I am having grief replying to people's helpful comments - I will try to sort it out very soon. (have tried clearing history and stuff like before but it doesn't seem to be helping this time)



  1. Love the space so far and can't wait to see the finished product :)

    Do you mind me asking what size is the rug and where it's from?


  2. Kylie, my daughter likes the last print with the dark blue and yellow in it. She thinks it will go well with everything in that room. I love the wall units. I'm still searching for one for my family room.