Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hard Labour

We've been slaving away all weekend. Stats: we have moved 13t of soil, a heap of turf, 18 bags of bark chip and attained some sunburn.

To be honest it doesn't look alot to show for all of that work. I guess it's because the bulk of the work is hidden beneath our lovely green lawn.

I finally enjoyed a few wines sitting in my now completed outdoor room - the travertine is now grouted and looks fab. We will seal it next weekend and set the furniture up properly. No cashola for new furniture out there but what we have will do just fine for now.

Tomorrow I plan to accept my render quote for the wall, planter box and letterbox, so that it can get under way. Hopefully Mr Pool Builder will turn up this week to do some plumbing and connecting up of the pump and filter etc. Here are a couple of pics:

This is Saturday's load.

Turf is on it's way! 

And this is what hours of work resulted in

The black mulch...not sure if I like it or not. I think when I stain the retaining wall (it will be a charcoal stain) it will look better. Plus when my mini plants grow and the greeness increases that will help too.

Down the side of the pool will be bamboo. I plan to order that this week. Plus where the bricks are, we will retain this with sleepers like the rest of the yard and that area has some more viburnum and some small grassy plants under a frangipani.

Another future project...I'll plant a small garden under the window. (not all of these plants are for there) 

That strip down the middle is not a mistake. We need to dig this section out and put a concrete footing for the pool fence. Hopefully that will happen this week. Once the pool gets the tick of approval, we will pave that area inside the fence (ratios and all that jazz)

So the next couple of days will see me on the phone trying to lock in the next lot of work. It is slowly but surely coming together but with the weather warming up, I really want the yard done! The frontyard is a whole other set of blood, sweat and tears!!!

Please know that I am still reading everyones blogs. I am totally frustrated at not being able to comment on how everyones progress is going, or answer to you lovely people who have commented on my posts. We have gone through the same processes as before when this has previously happened to me, but still no luck! At the moment it seems to mainly be surrounding my inability to sign out properly...any new suggestions? Maybe I should just write a post which is filled with the comments I have been trying make to you all...

Have a great week everyone,


  1. Kylie, it's all looking fantastic. It's hard work but very rewarding when you can stand back and admire all that back breaking work. We did a bit of that ourselves this weekend.

  2. The yard looks great! Gardening is hard work but very worth it.

    On the technical-front, I used to be unable to comment too. Downloading and using Google's web browser called 'Google Chrome' (free to download) fixed these issues up.

  3. It all looks amazing. You must have been so thrilled to sit in your beautiful new alfresco area and survey your hard work.

  4. I can comment again!!!!!! (Thank for the advise - I went in through mozilla firefox instead and it worked!)Thanks guys for the support. Yes the hard work is rewarding but I am feeling it this week! I think we will have to take it a bit easier next weekend. I hope to be able to stain the retaining wall if the weather behaves.