Thursday, May 5, 2011

And then there were walls

Yes, you read right, those tradies I spotted earlier today were indeed starting to put the hebel walls up. So far they have done two and a half sides.

 I'm really not sure what to expect over the windows and other tricky bits. The front is yet to come and I look forward to seeing it! Here are some photos...

Here is the inside of the skylight (done last week I think)...should help to keep the kitchen lighter in the day.

This photo shows the metal tracks that they've put around to secure the hebel to.

Ta side hebeled (is that a word?) I'm liking how it looks with the roof:)

The said hebel slabs

This is along the back of the house. The gap at the top I'm guessing is where the eaves will join. There is also a gap where the water tank will go...not sure what will happen there.

They've started down this side too.

I imagine these little bits will be patched when it comes time to render. Not much of these 'chips' though - quite happy with the job so far.

Down the side of the garage.

So hopefully they will be back tomorrow to do more...  When I got there this afternoon the guy was on the phone asking if he was to be there again tomorrow...seriously would you really have to ask? Surely they'd be there EVERY day until its DONE!! There will be very unpleasant language in the car if no one is there in the morning!

We will also ring the SS tomorrow. There is to be a pier at the front like the ones on the outdoor room and I'm not sure why it's not done like the others for them hebel. Will see what the reason is... 

I couldn't help but take a photo of our empty bin...then a photo showing one of a number of areas where they have decided to create their own 'bin'. Rubbish everywhere! Can only laugh - hopeless blokes!


So fingers crossed that this will get done and the other trades will follow VERY closely behind! I really can't wait for the gyprocking to happen so bring on stacks of work guys to get me there.

Good luck those of you sooo close to their PCI's and handover's!


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  1. Yay - progress :)

    Re the "bin" - our entire YARD was a bin! Never the actual bin. Come to think of it we have never had one like that, only a "recycling" bin/bag thing - hahaha! Really? Are they serious?

    Why am I not surprised they would ask if they were to come back the next day??!!