Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hebel day #2

I was suitably pleased to see the boys back the next day to put some more panels up. I am suspicious that Friday was well less than a full day of work - didn't seem to me that nearly as much was done. Obviously beer o'clock struck early! Perhaps there was more cutting involved? Who knows.

Driving past I spotted SS onsite so I stopped off for a quick 'get up to speed' chat. The hebel boys will indeed be back Monday and Tuesday morning to finish off. We aren't sure if they will continue straight on with rendering or not. SS says that if it looks like they'll take a break before continuing, he'll organise for the eaves to start. Now he says if so, this would be Wednesday... and I also believe pigs might fly! Lets hope that I am 100% wrong with this prediction! Maybe I shouldn't be so cynical...but after such a long delay it's hard to trust what's planned. DH says that once eaves are done our next invoice (the biggest one) will magically appear so maybe they will indeed get eaves done!

I also asked about the pier at the front portico. They are discussing whether or not it will 'work' properly with hebel or whether they should brick and render it. Says he wants to get it right and not have to pull it down and start again if it looks crap...very pleased to hear this!

Couple more pics - similar to previous and not too exciting. (front not done yet unfortunately)

They've started to do the piers on the outdoor room.

They did a bit more down the side but like I said not an impressive amount.  

This is where they filled in where the water tank will be, which they hadn't done previously. 

This was taken from up the back looking towards the outdoor room. The pool will sit beyond:) Really happy with how this is looking and can't wait till it is landscaped! Think it will have quite the 'Metricon' look that we fell in love with I think. (once another of the rubbish piles are removed!)

Looking from outdoor room through where one of the sets of bifolds will be. This living/kitchen area is going to be nice and open...very happy:) 

I picked up our DA approval from our pool builder today. Will now need to hand in the application for the construction certificate ( that's code for the council wanting another $600 for a piece of paper!!!)

We also visited another supplier for our travatine today. All good!

Lets hope things keep progressing for everyone! Some of you fellow bloggers are building such gorgeous homes and I'm truly enjoying watching your builds:) Happy Mothers Day tomorrow to all you mums out's to a sleep in and being spoilt!


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  1. Kylie its looking good :) You have a massive outdoor room - I'm envious! LOL

    Hope this week brings a nice Mothers Day and lots of progress for us all - it would be the best gift ever!