Friday, May 27, 2011

You Want to See More?

Gyprocking was completed today:) As some of you well know, you can really start to see your room sizes and layouts well now. I've found myself looking at how long walls are and imagining furniture and the rest. Especially the kids bedrooms. As they aren't huge, I'm already trying to work out the best way to furnish them...decisions, decisions!

We are one of the lucky ones (by the sounds of some of you guys) to have a SS who is quite good with communication. I sent him an email last night and there was a reply there when I checked first thing this morning. Plus he rang DH for an update. This has been the trend each week so hopefully it will continue!

Doors and cornices etc due next week. Bifold glazing and front door. Also wet area waterproofing (and hopefully inspection of this) and kitchen cabinets - next week is set to be another big one!! By the sounds of it I may lose my easy access to snooping around but it's a sacrifice I must make in the name of progress.

Sorry but I am going to bore you with a couple more gyprock photos. Only taken on my iphone so they aren't great but here they are none the less.

This is part of the ensuite.

Main bedroom

Looking from the front door.

My big open kitchen/living. Have I told you lately that I LOVE it!

Kids bathroom

And nice to see the outdoor room with a ceiling too! We will install 2 fans here after handover - extra support and electricals in roof for this already.

Ok, I promise, no more gyprock pics! Hopefully my next post will show more exciting things! DH and I plan to check out carpet tomorrow and get a quote or two. Maybe the following week I will start to check out who I may get to quote for blinds.

Have a good's now wine o'clock and I must be off.


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  1. Lovely Kylie, I am waiting to get to this stage. It means the end is near.