Thursday, May 19, 2011

Power to the People!

And insulation for that matter. And gyprock has been delivered along with cornices and something that I think may be connected to our cavity silding doors.

Yes, I'm happy to report our first electrical work has been done and most of the insulation is done. Ceilings still need to be finished but the rest appears complete.

Unfortunately they won't be able to start gyprocking until Wednesday. All our fault mind you... we are putting the air con unit in the roof cavity ourselves and our guy was already booked up. Luckily he is squeezing us in Tuesday so it is only a couple of days worth of hold up. SS told DH that he really wants gyprock finished next week as fitout is booked to start the following week. Am I excited...absolutely! Can my fellow bloggers enlighten me as to what this might entail? Not really sure what it means but it sounds exciting!!!

I guess at this stage photos are still a bit boring but I will share them anyway, as they are not boring to us!

Le gyprock

Le insulation

Le powerpoint

Le electrical work 

Le cornices

Le ???NFI 

So with some luck I will have rooms with walls by this time next week.

DH and I are off to the Hunter Valley for a kid free weekend. Looking forward to sipping wine by the open fire we'll have in our room and just kicking back. 

Hope everyone has had a good week. (Can't wait to see those tiles finished Tonia!)

Cheers (literally this week!)


  1. Such good progress on your home, hoping to be at your stage soon. Enjoy your weekend away.

  2. kid free weekend....ahhh bliss... ENJOY!

  3. Oh enjoy the weekend!!!

    The NFI pic?? You must be having sliding cavity doors somewhere?? They are the frames for them!

    Rolling along now - woohoo!!

  4. Thanks shayne - cavity sliders was my guess too. Got a call from dilorenzo on our way to the Hunter - we need to pay balance of tile upgrade as they've been told to schedule their release on 2nd June!!!!! Woohoo!! It'll all happening:)