Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mid-week Madness

Just a brief update letting you know  that the long list of work due this week is well under way. I popped by this arvo to see a young guy hard at work, putting on our skirting/architraves etc. The wet areas had indeed been waterproofed...woohoo:) and the most exciting bit...the cabinets have arrived!!!!

I am sooo glad that we changed our laundry colours...another thanks to our SS for organising this to happen. It was a bit hard to see, but colours look great.

The carpenter had our bi-folds open (no glass in them yet) and we noticed that they've actually been installed the wrong way around. They open in towards the middle pier instead of opening out. I hope this isn't a big deal to rectify - we won't be leaving them as they are.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics. Taken on my iphone, therefore poorish quality...must remember to pack the camera from now on!

Waterproofing in bathroom. Ensuite was done too.

You can see one of our sets of timber/glass doors plus some other bits n pieces

cabinetry!! Asian night and white poly

Our front door:)

Here you can see (well sort of - sorry about the picture quality) where the trim has been put around the windows

So lets hope that things keep rolling along. We asked the chippie if in the main kitchen/living and entry hallway, he'll just tack the skirting on as we'll remove it to get the flooring right. Travertine is planned but after seeing the beautiful bamboo that Shayne has had laid we are discussing our options again... either way we'll need to remove the skirting. He is happy to oblige - just hope SS is OK with it. Ran it by him in an email a little while ago so hopefully it will all be OK.

Onwards and upwards for the remainder of the week I say! Sooo lucky we are at a stage where the rain isn't holding us up! I am going to later in the week, for the very first time, ask my SS if he has any approximate goal for PCI. Am I way too early to ask that question? I just thought it might be handy to know for starting to get quotes for blinds etc. I am hoping for mid to late August...what do you think? Let me know:)



  1. Kylie, must say I didn't expect any work to happen on any of our houses this week, with all the rain we're having. So glad to see that it's not stopping some progress.

  2. BTW, Kylie. If you are considering bamboo, I don't know where your house is, but I am using a guy in Camden, Rug World, for my bamboo and they are pretty reasonably priced. Read my post on strand woven bamboo.

  3. Thanks Thigee! Will read up on that. We are in the sutherland shire and most suppliers will go pretty much anywhere in sydney I reckon. You're going a pretty dark colour too did you mention somewhere? We are worried about colour matching/blending nicely with our kitchen island cupboard colour 'asian night'. Yes great to still see progress...will check on your blog to see your progress next:)

  4. Omw wow Kylie! Your kitchen cabinets are fantastic! Love the colours :) Bamboo is soooo nice too..wish we chose that but instead we have gone for solid timber in all bedrooms and stone for the rest of the house

  5. that was clearly supposed to say OMG lol not omw hehe

  6. Kylie, I am using a dark walnut strand woven bamboo. All my walls are white including the skirting boards so it should be okay. I think the dark bamboo will look really good with your Asian night cupboards.

  7. Hmm, I picked up a brochure from a local place where we will get our carpet from. They have 'Genesis' by proline floors...same stuff strand woven bamboo. Their darkest one is called 'russet'. would love to take a sample to the house - will see if I can on the weekend...