Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's a beehive!

The Hebel guys worked again Monday and half a day Tuesday. I think they'd run out of Hebel...though not too sure about this. When I drove past this morning about 8.30 there was no one on sight. I was filled with feelings of de ja vu...imagining that I'd seen all the work for the week finished by Tuesday.

I got a text from one of my trusty spies around midday saying there was people working onsite. I busted a move straight there after work to see (lateish at 4.50pm) at least seven tradies still swarming over the site. In fact it was so busy I didn't dare step foot on site, worried I'd get in their way! Utes, equipment, tools, generators, building materials everywhere!

So what were they doing? Finishing off the hebel, doing the eaves and starting the little front portico area. Not sure if anything else was happening... couldn't see amongst the workers!

So here is a sneak peak of how it's looking. I only got a couple of I said I was scared to get in the way and slow them down. Very happy that with the front hebel done, it's looking like a real house now!

This is where down the side was finished earlier in the week.

The eaves being done today. Looking good:) 

Another shot down that side with the eaves done.  

The hebel at the front finally being completed. They are also attaching timber where the portico roof will be built. (and another of the vehicles onsite)

A little closer up. Plus the guys working on eaves. 

Very happy with the amount of work completed so far this week. Really hoping to see them back tomorrow soldiering on. Finally feeling like we are getting somewhere...just don't want to jinx us. 

Hopefully I can update you at the end of the week with news of even more exciting things happening. Hearing lots of good things happening on other blogs too, keep up the good work. In particular, good luck at presentation tomorrow Shayne!



  1. Thanks Kylie :)

    Happy to hear things have been powering along for you - must be catching - apparently we had painters, brickies, carpenters all at the house today - and tomorrow too in readiness for our arrival at 2pm !!

    Hope the rest of the week brings continued progress!!

  2. Loving the progress, full steam ahead!

  3. I just noticed you had a question about our pool? Whats your email address so we can chat? xx