Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hear All About It!

Good evening my blogland friends. I'm happy to report that all promised work has been happening this week.

Calling by the house earlier in the week I noticed my house had gained stripes (you can just see them through the fence).
This is a distant shot as the rain was pouring down at the time. I wasn't aware that the rendering was scheduled to start...but start it did! Here I think they were filling the hebel joins and I also saw them sanding/preparing the surface.

Today calling past I stopped in to check out progress a bit closer. They have indeed started the rendering:)

Obviously you can still see the stripes but a good paint job will solve that problem. 

This one allows you to see the rendered bit compared to above the doors where it hasn't been done yet.

On the inside, gyprocking was well underway as my pics show.

My mini master bedroom



So tomorrow, (Friday) should see gyprock completed and perhaps the renderers will be back.

This week I also got my samples I'd requested for our pool colour choices. Nothing is locked in, but this combo is our favourite at the moment.

This tile is blue with a copperish swirl through it and the main pool finish is gemtex called turquiose glow...what do you think?

 I am hoping that they finish planned work tomorrow. We just paid our 'lock up' invoice so bring on the fitout!

As usual good vibes are being sent to all of you in blogland and I hope all is well with your builds.



  1. Looking good Kylie :)

    I think that colour combo for the pool will look gorgeous when filled!

    Yay for the weather being better than expected the last few days too - hope you continue to see good progress.

  2. Shayne, I've had grief with blogger...I tried commenting on your blog but don't think it worked? Good Luck!!! So excited for you - I hope it all happens for you:)

  3. Wow, fantastic progress. Looks really good too.

  4. Thigee, I see our slab was poured about 2 weeks before yours. Will be interesting to see how close they finish our homes...enjoying watching your house progress!

  5. Great progress Kylie! Its moving along now..not long to go now :)

    Pool colours look really nice too..we are choosing similar colours for our pool :)