Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can You Repeat That?

Did someone say possible PCI date? Did I hear right? Our SS is hoping to confirm PCI for Friday of next week...that's like a week and a bit away!

Now I know that this weather isn't doing us any favours, as the front portico still needs work done and that is meant to happen over the next couple of days...while it is still meant to be raining so I'm not getting my hopes up too much.

Electricians had taken over the place this morning - tradies swearing everywhere - they do have a way with words! When I went back this afternoon it was all locked up so I couldn't get in but it looked like it had all been done. We had our 10 downlights put in from our promotion package. We put battens where all other downlights will go and we will swap these over after we get the keys. Of the ones we got we put 8 in our outdoor area and 2 in the kitchen bulkhead.

This shows the downlights outside. The 2 battens are for the ceiling fans we'll pop in afterwards.

One of the outdoor power points.

Yesterday we had all of our handles put on. Happy with how these look. I had forgotten which ones we'd picked!

The handles on the bifolds 

I apologise for how dark the pics are - but you all know about the need to take photos - any quality, when there has been progress!

The handle on the cavity sliders 

The other thing I noticed today they had been done was the towel rails - well one of them.

Our ensuite rail was missing...this is why


Must say, it is strange to think of the number of mistakes there can be in a brand new house. If you put towel rails on for living, how hard can it be!

Our back to the wall toilets are due next Monday and I'd say the bath will go in then too. We are still waiting for the kitchen bench to be fixed - it's the wrong size, and splashback and mirrors which were measured early last week, but besides these few things, most of the big stuff is done now. A couple of paint bits need an extra coat but they may be happy to leave that until after PCI - I don't really know.

Last weekend we did the dash to Domayne to take advantage of their 2 day sale items. We got some white cafe style dining chairs - these will go with our old dining table.
Not the dream chairs we will have one day - and they look much nicer than in this picture, but they were a steal!

We also bought an entertainment unit and a desk for the study. Again, both of these were about 40% off so bargains. I plan on having built in cabinets in the rumpus made when we put in the fireplace so only needed on to make do for a while. It will then replace the old one in the kids leisure room.

And seeing as the study will have a UK theme/feel to it, I picked up this cute lamp too.

Ditto for the study - I'd love built in furniture there too, but this will do for now. We bought a rug in Deco rug - a nice big one (3.4m by 2.4m) for the living area. It's an off white to brighten up the dark flooring. We also ordered online a cowhide rug for the kids leisure room - love this choice, it feels a bit 'fun' for the kids!

So friends, that's all for now. Lets hope the rain goes away so that my outdoor stuff can get done (and anybody elses stuff that is dependent on good weather). Fingers crossed we do actually lock in PCI for next week - how excitement!



  1. Fingers crossed for a PCI date - go away rain!!

    I was astounded at the amount of mistakes too - they had 3 attempts at our ensuite toilet roll holder! Must've let the apprentices have a go! LOL

  2. Yay, PCI is around the corner for you. Know how you must feel about the cracked tile. I felt exactly the same way. I wanted to know who the amateur tradie was who couldn't cut through tiles. Send him back to tradie school, I say. So unprofessional. Anyway, it's easily fixed, I have since found out. Yes, rain go away so that my driveway can be finished, then maybe I'll hear about a PCI date. Will keep you posted. Love your purchases. Keep shopping.

  3. Yay for a possible PCI next week :) That's great news, Kylie! Tell me about this rain - go away! We have our driveway and side concrete going on tuesday so hopefully it clears up by then!

    Love your purchases..I think we bought the same desk - was that one from Domayne also?

    And I love that UK lamp! So cute

  4. Yes same desk Tonia - from Domayne. Fingers crossed this rain ends soon! I think it's meant to be sunny and fine all next week...
    So glad you haven't forgotten us all Shayne - hope the house is going well:)
    PCI any minute now Thigee!