Friday, July 22, 2011


The house has had a tub! Today the cleaners went through the house and did a thorough clean. Unfortunately my ploy to leave the laundry door unlocked so that I could get in for a good look this afternoon failed. But looking through the windows, I could see the house looks great!

It wasn't until I was leaving in the car that I realised why it looked different from the outside too - the windows have been de-gooped! Hopefully this is a good sign for next week.

This morning I did manage to sneak in. It was my first chance to see the electricals done. Our large open plan living, kitchen and dining area was a little difficult to configure with lighting. Looking (very quickly I must admit) a couple do look out of line/out of place. I can see why some are where they are but this highlights the problem with doing the electrical plan before kitchen alterations are done. We completely changed the island bench shape and I think this is where our lighting problems lay. I will need to have another good look. Also, written on the plan was instructions to refer to clients for placement of a pendant light - this wasn't done and we will have to have a good look at where this light was put in.

Difficult to show 'electricals' in pictures. I didn't take picks of powerpoints - ours are not exciting upgrade ones. (Apologies for iphone quality pics)

This is an example of lights not lining up. (they will be swapped for downlights we have bought after handover)

These are over the bench. Again not what I had pictured - maybe they will look better when the downlights are in? The placement of these was affected by the skylight (I think)

These lights in the bulkhead, on the back bench look really good.

Another broken tile.

Heater/light/exhaust fans in both bathrooms. 

In happier news, we've saved ourselves $$$ by putting in this smaller plunge pool - lol!

You should see the place - we're lucky the house hasn't floated away in all of this rain! Will need to sort out drainage!

That is all from me today - off on a school mum's night out. Too wet to go really but will solider on! Hope everyone isn't too water logged. Bring on the SUN I say!!!


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  1. Kylie, love the pool, I probably have one as well, haven't been to the house this week, way too wet. Enjoy your night out.