Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mini Update

I felt the need to make one more little update before departing for the Gold Coast tomorrow - not on Tiger Airways thank goodness! Weather channel is telling me to expect sun all week with a couple of days being 23 degrees:) Fingers crossed.

Painting has continued the last 2 days. A full day today - great work for a Saturday! It's all very white. Again, not everyones taste but I do love the clean crisp lines - my decorating blank canvas! Because we don't have a huge amount of natural light, it really helps brighten the place up. Throw in furniture, artwork, a rug, a feature wall or two and it will be lovely.

The dark bamboo floors and asian night island bench will add warmth to the room and totally change the look here.

They have done 1 coat of stain on the pantry doors. I heart my pantry doors. Can't wait til they do the bifolds and front door as well.

Our master bedroom. I think the whole house may actually have 1 coat now. Plus the doors were done in gloss yesterday. 

Late this afternoon they were sanding the trim which they'd filled in nail spots etc earlier in the day.

I'd been there since early morning having the proper check measure done for the shutters. I also went to the showroom and chose the material for the other blinds. Went a touch over budget chosing an upgraded fabric for the rumpus but I do love what I chose. All in all it was a good day.

No news yet on the kitchen bench situation. I really am not too worried - it is sure to work out.

I really hope to see that the tiling is finished by the time I get back. Won't be happy if it's not. I guess painting should be done by then too and hopefully some more of the exterior painting soon.

Have a good week everyone. I will keep in touch with your blogs while I'm away as I love hearing everyones progress.



  1. Kylie, I agree with you, the colour of your walls will be great with the floors and you can always add touches of colour with your rugs etc.
    Enjoy your week away and hoping you come back to nearly a complete house.

  2. Agreed! White walls are very fresh :) You can do alot with it in regards to decorating!

    Have fun on your holiday!!!

  3. Great to have a blank canvas, you can get creative with interior design pieces, art, rugs, cushions etc. enjoy the gold coast, you're in for some cold nights but beautiful warm sunny days. Great queensland weather!