Saturday, July 30, 2011

Patient and Optimistic

Well yesterday came and went, without PCI which was originally scheduled to happen. In the end we made the call to postpone it. Our SS had agreed to push forward with the inspection (with our understanding of some things not being done) but I think he was secretly pleased with our decision to put it off a few days.

We decided that really, PCI is best done with the things that should be done complete. After all of this time, we thought that an extra week is no biggie! So PCI will happen next Friday. And realistically, handover may not be delayed a whole week as well if SS gets the invoice to us early this week (as mentioned although not holding my breath) and if there isn't too much to do after the inspection. Will wait and see.
Yesterday wasn't a complete waste. I met with our landscape designer who was showing us his initial concept plans for our front and back yards. From here he will develop further plans that spell it all out in close detail. Very pleased with his ideas. Definitely beyond what we would have come up with. Also a million times better than what we put in for our DA - yes we can, and will change from that extremely average - never happy with them  in the first place - just get us approval plans.
Here is a hint of them - not scanned yet, just a photo of them at the moment sorry (i'll put them on here big) - but hopefully you get the gist of it.

So, the only thing left to do now is rob a bank and we'll be fine! haha! No, really we plan on doing it in stages, as the money comes along. There was no point in paying a professional (a fair sum) to come up with short term/low budget plans. We will prioritise, do some work ourselves and at the end of the day, love our yards!
In other news, we weren't expecting anyone to be there today BUT there was! The plumbers did some work - but crazily enough didn't finish the job. They left with 2 toilets left to install (they even started one - then downed tools!) and considering they were gone quite early it seems ridiculous to me! But they hooked some more pipes up on the water tank, in the laundry, hooked up the showerhead where a tile had been replaced and also installed the bath!

There was also a guy there doing some finishing off in the garage - concreting some fill-in bits (very technical term!) under where there was a gap between the skirting and the slab.

Anywho, thats the weeks round up. Are you proud of my positive outlook (even though not everything went our way)? Here's to a good week for everyone!



  1. Hats off to you Kylie for being so patient. This whole building process can really test us. Love your landscape design plan. Will look spectacular.

  2. Hopefully they pull their fingers out and lots is done in this extra week :)

    We are still waiting for 2 last things to be finished 8 weeks after handover!!

    Good luck - oh and landscape plans look great! We are doing same - in stages as the money tree grows!