Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get the Latest Low-Down

Hallelujah! The tiling is finally complete! I'd love to know the record for the longest time taken to tile 2 bathrooms...we must be close! But it is true, once it's done you soon forget how painfully drawn out the job was. Happy with the job done - although haven't had a close look...why? because it was too hard with the plumbers in the way installing our taps!!! Woohoo, giddy up!

I drove past twice in the morning and no one was onsite so when I popped for another check (I was wasting time in the area whilst the kids did an art class) I couldn't get over how much had been done. The outdoor room piers had been painted the correct colour, the skylight was in, hole cut for the manhole and the plumbers were well on their way to getting taps and showerheads installed. The bath had been delivered too but no sign of our toilets yet...maybe tomorrow??? Caught off guard, I only had my phone for pics so excuse the quality:)

Outdoor room piers painted western myall (finally)

Kitchen mixer. Happy with it - may upgrade at some point, but nice smooth lines for now. Kitchen bench size not resolved as yet.

Laundry mixer - this was a good value upgrade - much nicer than the standard.

Kids shower head. 

Our ensuite basins with the taps installed. 

The super dooper shower head we got - part of the promotion package. The tilers will need to come back to fix a few odd tiles and do some sealing (do they do that or someone else)

The skylight. Positioned perfectly over the sink. Would have loved  more around the place but at $1200 a pop they soon add up.

So yes, I am very happy with what's gone on this week. Hopefully the next couple of days will be equally productive. I had been told to expect the electrician this week so hopefully he'll be there tomorrow and maybe the plumbers  will come back to do the bath and toilets (if they turn up). Really starting to feel like we are getting there now. The other thing I must ask SS about is our front portico. It's not complete yet and I can't see why it isn't being completed at the moment - work there wouldn't be getting in anyones way whilst the other stuff is happening, surely.

Yesterday I ordered the chair for my bedroom. As I've mentioned, I'm going for a touch of luxury in my bedroom so a rich velvet chair definitely adds to that look:

The light I bought for my daughters girly room was hanging up so I took a quick pick (it's in storage)
Standing outside looking around, I can't help but feel increasingly daunted by the amount of work to be done - it is just such a mess at the moment! I am also preoccupied with storage and how I will arrange cupboards and wardrobes so to best make use of the space, make it user friendly and easy to keep tidy. One thing I've seen on another blog, is the use of big hampers as storage. I like this idea for things such as the kids school bags which are big and bulky. I saw this one, which came in a variety of sizes. Fairly expensive so I might keep a lookout on ebay to see what I can find.

Will get back to you all later in the week. Looking forward to hearing if handover happens for a few of you lovely people this week and next - good luck!

Cheers Kylie


  1. Kylie,love the light fitting for your daughter's room and your new chair. Nice colour on the pillars as well. Good to see that some work has happened at your house. Looks close to a PCI date now. Geez, the skylight was expensive. I need one over the main vanity as well. Will do it after handover.

  2. Thanks Thigee. Happy with how the pillars look. Will start looking at outdoor tiles for that area soon - decide if we'll stick to travertine or if something else will look better. Skylight was expensive. Would have loved one down the hallway going to the kids bedrooms, one at the front entry and maybe another over the island bench but you know how much all of the extras add up...have to stop somewhere. And yes, if we feel the need, others can be added later.

  3. Western Myall is yummy! I have painted some shelves in that colour and I love it!!!

    Your velvet chair looks very glamorous - oh la la!

    Good job Metricon, not long now Kylie!

  4. Gawjus!!!!
    Love the chair...plush, luxurious and a bit sexy.
    How lucky are you to have a little girls room where you can indulge your own girlie side. I'd love s blingy light somewhere but the fun police has me on lock down.
    Love those crisp, white showers. Some other trade comes to do all of the internal sealing. They did our showers in beige. Fail. Its on the fix list.

    Hope it's not too much longer til this beautiful house is all yours :)

  5. Thanks girls:) Tonia and Reinsey, you must be getting your keys any day now? Can't imagine the excitement!
    Reinsey, send the fun police away and sneak in a bit of bling somewhere...he'll get over it lol!
    Tonia, I had a friend who told me western myall was going to look too dark - black even so I was very nervous about it going on, but I LOVE it! Just the colour I was after.

  6. Yesss! Keys should be in our hands by tomorrow! Was hoping for today but bank delayed us so looks like it will be tomorrow!! Western myall rocks! Such a beautiful colour..not dark at all!!