Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautiful one day, Perfect the next!

Even in the middle of winter! Yes, I just got back from the sunny Gold Coast today. The weather was superb with the kids swimming at the beach throughout the week. Had a blast at Movie World and overall enjoyed the break from reality and 'the house'.

So what happened at the house whilst I was away...Painting continued. Apparently there was painters there everyday but there is still a fair bit  lot to go considering it was meant to be finished last week. Some more external painting happened. Our feature Charcoal/grey colour, Dulux Western Myall looks fab. Unfortunately they didn't paint the outdoor room piers in this colour as they were supposed to, so this will need to be fixed. Downpipes went on. Unfortunately these have to be painted in surfmist, which will look very average next to our Lexicon, so we will just have to repaint these later. The ones that go down the outdoor room piers will also be painted sufmist but should be western myall, so another paint job for post handover.

Unbelieveably, trim on the front feature projection won't be painted western myall either - it will be monument, same as the gutters. This will look ridiculous. Not even sure what colour they will paint that timber bit in the front, but again, this was very glossed over during our external colour app. Looks like we were incompetent in our colour selections and it makes the builder look bad too. This building company really needs to get their act together in terms of their consultants understanding this stuff better. No one explained or pointed these items out to us - and really it is their job to do that. Hopeless, not happy Jan, unacceptable etc.

Bi folds stained...looks better in person

Doors to our bedroom, these look great too

Next topic: tiling. It started back on the 7th of JUNE. One month on and we are still not done. What a joke. I have one small bathroom, with a seperate toilet, one laundry - only floor and splashback tiles and one ensuite to be done - not exactly a massive amount of work. To say that coming home today to find this not completed is disappointing, is an understatement. They ran out of tiles which were due to be delivered last Tuesday...

Kitchen bench has not been removed to be fixed.

Electrician is due to be back this week but that can't happen until painting has finished.

Are you starting to see a trend here? Are you feeling my pain? Not the 'happy, look at everything that's been done whilst I've been away' post I was hoping to write.

Let's hope this week is a better week. Apparently SS was handing over 3 homes yesterday so I'd say they took priority (and most of his time). So hopefully this week more will happen...won't hold my breath.

In the meantime, I'll close my eyes and pretend I'm still here:

Cheers Kylie

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  1. Looks like you had a great holiday Kylie. We had the same problem with the tiles, our tiler ran out of tiles and had to wait for the mosaic. It's frustrating.