Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting Close Now

Happy greetings. In my opinion, this has been one of our most productive weeks of the build. Maybe not on a huge scale like when the slab was poured or hebel went up, but so many little things have happened that make it one of the most satisfying. Or maybe it's just that we are just getting so close to the end that I can almost smell it.

As I've mentioned previously, our SS has been terrific with communication. He has always replied straightaway to emails and called to update us often. In fact I popped to the house a little over an hour ago and as I was walking up to the house, he was inside trying to call me - second call of the week.

So after a great start to the week with plumbing etc, the trend has continued. Yesterday they fitted out wardrobes and shelving in the pantry and linen. Today they installed wardrobe doors, shower screens, hooked up the underfloor heating in both bathrooms and put on our garage door!. Exciting stuff! Here are some pics:

Kids bathroom shower screen (looks unclear - this is due to the plastic protector sheet still being on) This screen looks lovely - semi frameless.

The wardrobe doors are opaque glass in 3 bedrooms.

We put simple fitouts in the wardrobes for convenience when we move in.

Shower screen on our ensuite. This shower is larger than what comes as standard in this house design. Semi frameless again - happy with this compromise (being mindful of budget we didn't go with frameless)

Underfloor heating control - hooked up today in both bathrooms (instructions attached)

Garage door. This is in 'Surfmist'. We were worried that next to the Lexicon White it would look average, but today I was really happy with it.

So as you can see, lots of bits and pieces happened this week. Electrician didn't come as was scheduled, but I'm not complaining with everything else that happened. Plenty to still happen next week so stay tuned. Fingers crossed it's as good a week as this was. SS is hoping for PCI end of July or first week of August and keys a couple of weeks after that:) That is soooo exciting!



  1. Yay!

    Looking great - a good week :)

    Our underfloor heating wasnt connected for weeks after we moved in so big tick for your SS - LOL!

  2. It all looks so good Kylie, love your under floor heating. The outside of the house looks so good as well. Love your choice of colours.

  3. Looking lovely as usual! Nice choice for the glass on the wardrobes!

  4. Tonia, did you get the keys???