Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Well, it was a fabulous Christmas Day in our house yesterday. Kids were thoroughly spoiled, weather was beautiful and food and company great. Feeling very weary today - very glad I have no where to rush off too. Actually it's 1pm and I'm still in my pj's! Here is a glimpse into our day yesterday...

Unwrapping their pressies. We handed them one at a time this year to try to slow down the chaos!

This is Maya's haul of presents.

Connor was very pleased with his collection too.

A glimpse of the table setting. 

Baubles blowing in the breeze with just a touch of tinsel.

The food.
 Dessert...pudding with custard, trifle, fruit, fruit cake, shortbread & choccies.

That's my sister with Connor and Maya.

Maya losing her cosie bottoms as she's thrown into the air.

Self portrait after a few beverages.

And here with MG (Maya Grace) who has a mouth full of lollies.

Official photographer duties.

My two with my nan (their great grandmother)

With their older cousin Brendan. Amazing how quickly he's growing up too!

Connor with his cousin Beau - my sister's gorgeous and hilarious little boy.

Maya the daredevil!

 Think my kids like their new pool?

My dad and my sister - chilling with dessert.
 Kids and dad. I was a party pooper and didn't hop in.

Kids with their party poppers from the little treat boxes I made.

You can tell they are weary after a huge day!

The baubles looked their best late at night with just hubby and I still up to enjoy them during one last drink.

So, it's all over for another year. Worth all of the work and planning to make it all come together. You only need to look at kids faces to know Christmas is all worth it - gosh they love it.

I think it's nearly time for a boxing day nap. I have no idea how people rush out first thing into the sales in the way I could do it! I hope everyone had great Christmas days too! Rest up everyone!



  1. What a beautiful setting for what looked to be a beautiful day! The flowers, favours, food and, of course, the house looked amazing :) And I must ask, where did you buy those baubles that light up? They are gorgeous!

  2. Merry christmas Kylie. The kids are all gorgeous