Sunday, December 11, 2011

Konnichi Wa

Where is the pause button? I need a rest from this break neck speed I am hurtling along at. It has been a fun one though! 

Firstly though, I must thank KL from and M at who nominated my modest little blog for a Liebster Award. I do have a little protocol to follow, but I am going to request permission to postpone my responsibilities for a night. I will have to think carefully about my fave blogs - I love them all (the above two especially) So if it is OK, I will just do a little post tonight about my weekend and then carry out my 'duties' tomorrow.

Firstly, our friends 40th was a fab night. The black clouds retreated and it was a beautiful evening by the bay. Here are a couple of pics to show you the general feel of fun! (and the gorgeous location)
Konnichi wa - that's me a Geisha Girl and DH is a humble garbo

Beautiful spot hey!

Some of the troops enjoying the occasion.That's the birthday boy in front - the Gladiator!

Special friends - what it all about really, isn't it!

We partied into the night  - feeling a tad under the weather this morning.

Keeping with the entertaining theme, we had 3 families for lunch today (lunch that went til 6pm!). Great time had by all again. Good food and company - what else could you want. Seriously...time spent with friends is what the Aussie summer is all about. And even if summer is doing it's best to hide, we are pressing ahead with making the most of our new home, which was built with exactly this lifestyle in mind.

The house is really coming through for us. The layout and spaciousness are simply perfect for days like today. I heart my house! 8 adults and 9 kids and it was great! Big thanks to DH who cooked a delicious lunch (I was the kitchen hand and chief decorator)

I think my poor kitchen bench was a little overwhelmed - it's never been so messy! At least it was a happy mess (don't ask me what that means)

The sun was out all morning - then 10 mins before they arrived it poured with rain! Luckily the rain stopped, although the sun refused to show it's face again, not that the kids cared!

DH in chef mode. The kitchen is great for this entertaining caper.

The calm (and clean up) after the storm.
I am just so thrilled that our home is catering for our needs so well. Sorry if I am gushing too much but, I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I am going to move my framed pics around a bit, imagining them in different spots before I commit to any holes in the walls. Hopefully next weekend I will pop them up then I'll post some pics.

My mission next weekend is to do some (most, if not all, of my Christmas shopping). I am usually so much more organised! I will check in with you about some of my purchases. I think tomorrow night I will pop on to the Peter's of Kensington website and consider my options there too (thanks KL for that bit of inspiration)

I am 7 workdays away from holidays. It is still flat out there for me - not much time to wind down. I am looking forward to posting on this blog a little more regularly during the hols - maybe even a mini post everyday. I love the variety of posts on this blog - I'm sure you are all familiar with it: if not, make sure you check it out.

One last thing, I popped out quickly tonight and snapped a dodgy pic with my phone of this lovely chrissy light house...don't you love Christmas!

Can't wait to take the kids on a couple of chrissy light tours - always really gets you into the spirit of the season.

 Anyway I will be back tomorrow night to do my 'Liebster Award' thing. Stay tuned folks.



  1. Hi Kylie

    I have awarded you the Liebster Award.

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  2. Love your kitchen - it looks perfect for entertaining in hot Aussie summers!