Saturday, December 17, 2011

These feet are made for Shopping!

I hit the shops early...I was at westfields having brekky to fuel up for the shopping expedition at ten to eight! I shopped til my feet went numb and I could walk no further. This was the result...
 I have everything from books to pj's to pool toys to aftershave. There are bags inside the bags you can see there. I am about to sort through it all and take stock of exactly what I have.

In other news, we finally got around to hanging some of our pics this afternoon. 

This is our big poster. I will put up some other pics on this large wall, but will live with this one a while and see what will go best with it.

We bought this cute little painting on our trip to the Hunter Valley earlier in the year.

Those photographs I had taken of the kids.

I plan on a long narrow bookshelf under those pictures. Will probably make do with a trip to ikea to get the shelves - would love to eventually do a proper built in shelf.  
 This photo I love of Maya has gone on the blue wall in her room - looks nice against the blue.

This print from WOOP studio in the UK is seen upon entry to the house. That whole front entry area is still an entire project for me to work on. I look forward to dreaming of options here for when the kitty is full again.

Just a little something for the laundry.

My UK underground print looks a little small, but will look better when the rest of the study is done.

I am awaiting the safe arrival of my first frangipani of the season - due to bloom any day now...

 And many more on the way too...

First day of the holidays and the kids are into a game of monopoly

and a game of backyard soccer before a good old barbie for dinner.
 and of course a swim in the pool - here is a link to my crazy daughter doing her thing.

T'is the share a coke with Rudolph - my kids thought this one is the best they've seen!

 I have another big day tomorrow; two 40th birthdays to attend in the one day. I am soooo looking forward to having more time when I am officially on holidays - bring on Wednesday!!!

I will update again soon, next time I plan on getting back to filling you in on decorating and fun stuff like that!



  1. What a busy day!

    The walls are looking great, particularly The Wall of C&M! I think hanging a shelf under those canvases would look great.

    Enjoy your crazy day tomorrow, you'd better pace yourself!


  2. M...this busy-ness has been a constant trend since moving in here! Actually it's been the trend since starting down the road of a new build! I won't know how to cope once Christmas is over!! (Umm, yes I will! lol)

  3. Your crazy shopping day sounds like mine! LOL! Love the peep at all the new artwork. The children's photographs are gorgeous. My husbands idea of Christmas decorating is collecting (and displaying prominently!) all the coke reindeer names. He's drinking copious amounts to try & get roudolf! He'll be green with envy!!!!
    x KL

  4. Hi Kylie! Me again! Unfortunately my white throw under my tree looks really cream (not like yellow snow though!). I spotted your tree skirt, is it new? Would you mind me asking where you got it from?
    x KL

  5. What a day! I'm exhausted just reading about it.

    Just a few more days to get through, then hopefully you can take it a bit easier.

    TDM xx

  6. KL, I bought it from DJ's this year. It is a beautiful one - the white is a lovely velvety material. Do I admit it's my very first tree skirt?? I just used to pile the pressies to cover the bottom of the tree.
    TDM, I made it...just through my weekend. Can't wait for the post chrissy wind down.