Monday, December 19, 2011


One day of work to go...crawling over the finish line!

So, one thing I plan on finding is a planter/pot of some sort for the corner where my Christmas tree currently is. I think a bit of greenery will add a nice touch. Plenty of the home magazines feature houses that contain some lovely potted green. I found a couple of planters I don't mind on my Iphone app - also online here - at HOUZZ. Here you will find thousands of home images and ideas...another great time waster really!!! What do you think of these couple?

I was also thinking about something a fellow blogger brought up...the idea of just greens in vases (and possibly fake greens even) rather than high maintenance, short lifespan flowers. I have admired the look of agaves placed inside in beautiful, large glass vessels. I know I've seen it HEAPS lately in mags but the only one I could find when I flicked back through a couple was this photo from this recent issue of Real Living Magazine.

 This is one picture I found...really like the look.

Of course I love my flowers...this past weeks bedroom selection:

I look forward to doing some leisurely research, between indulging in my lastest love...reading! Yes, I have rediscovered books. With life as hectic as it is, I'd forgotten how enjoyable a good read can be. More about this to come...stay tuned!

Hope everyone is handling Christmas prep without too much stress. This time tomorrow night I will be an extremely happy lady!



  1. Oooh! Love pot in pic 2! Whenever I dismantle the Christmas tree the area where its been looks so bare. You are obviously one step ahead with this one. I've never grown agavaes indoor but they are so hardy. Good luck!

  2. Also love the second one :-) The 3rd one looks like it would be very difficult to get something into :-S

  3. I'm loving the second one too. Now to find one in OZ!