Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So, started the day with my first of 10 bootcamp sessions. It was very windy on the beach but it felt good being active after eating so much lately!
This is Wanda beach where some of the sessions will be held.

The link below is to the fitness guy's website, whom I have trained on and off with throughout the year.

After coffee and brekky, DH and I started on our huge job out the front yard. Unfortunately we are fresh out of cash, so hiring a bobcat to do the tough work is not going to happen. So what could take someone about an hour will take us many hours! 

Then disaster struck...I lost concentration and have just stuffed my lower back. I felt it go...slow motion. So I am sitting here with ice and two neurofen plus trying to get through the pain. I decided to blog to distract me from the fact I can't get comfortable and my terrible guilt. Not sure if I should head back out there or not. I doubt I will today seeing as I can barely walk! I am so angry with myself being so careless! And I have another 9 sessions of bootcamp which I definitely want to get through!

Anyway, time for a little walk so I don't get too stiff. Fingers crossed I pull up OK later. A good excuse to get cracking into the pile of books I'm hoping to read (another blog topic for me!)


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