Friday, December 30, 2011

Labour of Love and Fishermans Friends

I can barely type my wrist is so sore. I am aching all over actually. It's a mix of bootcamp and garden labouring...with the emphasis on the word LABOUR. The ground is extremely compacted and full of building debris and ROCK!

We are getting there, tiny step by tiny step. The wasteland that is our front yard is slowing taking shape. I was looking at it today and realised that it is quite a big front yard - lucky me! Here are a couple of progress shots.
This is a before shot taken back in November.

You may not be able to tell, but it even took a lot of work to start evening out the bumps. 

I even put a few plants in today. cannot wait til I can put the turf down!

This is the other side (see what I mean, most people would probably only have one side to worry about). I think it's because we are a corner block.

I am hoping to get DH to put in another hour or 2 tomorrow, but he's pretty darn sore and tired too so will see. I'd like to just finish moving my pile of soil and maybe fit in a trip to Flower Power to purchase a few more plants (and pop them in their little garden beds).

We did indeed take our little buddies fishing yesterday. What a lovely couple of hours we had. DH took Connor fishing again this morning, this time out on the river in my dad's fishing boat. They love their special father / son time together. I love that they have this special 'thing' that is theirs to do together.

Pretty spot hey - my parents place. 

Little miss loves it too, but patience isn't her virtue.

Fishing buddies.

Was nice to just chill in the sun and the breeze.

And today, the boys boat trip.

He was still talking about his couple of catches at bedtime tonight.

And whilst they fished, Maya and I cafe'd. I dreamed of holiday destinations...incase I win lotto tomorrow night!! lol

Maya worked on a little find-a-word.

Can you believe that tomorrow is the last day of 2011!! Will blog more about that later!



  1. The front garden is looking great, Kylie. I can only imagine how sore you are! Push through if you can, it will be a great way to end the new year!

    Great fishing pics, too. My kids refuse to go with Husband, I think it comes down to the patience caper as well. Mind you, they love their fishing rods!

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Thanks M. Such a long, tough process! Much more relaxing going fishing! Happy New Year to you too!