Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pure Delight

Don't you just love the pure delight children enjoy around Christmas! It really is a great time of year to be a kid. My two adore this time of year and love the build up and anticipation of the big day. A couple of years ago, my scrapbooking mad mum started a tradition when she made a special advent calendar for each of her grandchildren, which is made up of little boxes. The kids love visiting her and collecting the goodies in each of the boxes. I wish I had a photo...must get one, but this really does start the build up to the special day. This year they are being spoilt with some of cute things Smiggle has to offer.

Yesterday we had the santa photo taken. Maya in particular is just beaming...she LOVES all things Christmas. Although she wasn't always wrapped in santa! Below are some past and present santa photos - just for a trip down memory lane. I have a couple missing - they must have been packed away separately during the move and I haven't the time to go searching just now.

2003 - I think Connor was only 8 days old in this photo.

2004 - I needed to be in this one!

2005 - Maya Grace's first Christmas.

2006 - there I still am!

2007 - they are happy to be there as long as I'm there too.

2011 - Fast forward to this year. How grown up are they!!! Love them:) And no me!
Now that I am officially on holidays, I must take the time to dig up those last 2 or 3 year's photos.

I am focused on planning, ordering, sorting and organising Christmas day now. This afternoon (couldn't help myself) I had a play with some lights, bowls and ornaments. I think they will go on my table... here's a sneak peek. tell me what you think, cute idea or not?

The silver balls are actually lights. The second picture below shows them turned on.
 Remember I'm sticking with silver and blue. Hope it's festive enough.
I will work on some more of the things on my list tomorrow which is sure to be a very busy day.



  1. The Santa photos are great! We told our kids we weren't going to be in the photo this year, and if that was a problem there just wouldn't be a photo. A bit nasty, but it's for them, not us, and we really didn't want to snuggle up with Santa!! They did it and had a great time - best Santa ever.

    Love the lights in the vases - they look fantastic all lit up.

    Happy first day of holidays!

  2. Kylie those photos are cute!

    I've never had a Santa photo with my 3 year old - he has not been a fan of Santa in any way, shape or form! But I'm ok with that!

    LOVE the balls in bowls! LOL. I love that they are lights too!

    Have a fantastic Xmas xo

  3. Cute photos!

    The balls look great. You can never have too many sparkles at xmas.

    TDM xx