Friday, August 5, 2011

Give Me A P...Give Me A C...Give Me an I...What does that spell?

PCI! Yes it did go ahead today. Went very smoothly in fact. We have built up a good rapport with our SS so it was friendly and easy going with him agreeing to all of the very small items that needed attention.

Our main shock factor was him saying he will be ready to give us the Friday! Unfortunately we are bank dependent  and seeing as we don't have the invoice yet, that will be impossible. Realistically we were very happy with the following Friday being handover and have booked in our next set of 'stuff' to be done from then so we aren't worried that it won't be next week. SS did say it will be ready anyway, so if by some miracle the bank says it can be ready, then we will handover next week.

He has a fair few things to do next week. Appliances will go in, splashback, solar panels, gas connection, paint fix ups both inside and out, towel rail replaced in our ensuite and the portico... should be a hive of activity!

I have decided not to post any pics today...really you've seen everything there is to see. So the next pics will be after flooring goes in...maybe. I could decide to wait for some furniture too, who knows! I will keep in touch. I have loved blogging during the whole process, loved your feedback and support and plan to keep discussing progress and decorating ideas over the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of decorating and blogging, A-M's blog post today showed a gorgeous shot of her son. I took some pics last weekend of mine using 'hipstamatic' on my iphone - isn't technology grand! Such gorgeous black and whites, I plan to frame a couple for a hallway or somewhere else appropriate. Below are one or two (or three) I thought I'd share with you. Love my two xx

Cheers (literally - I've indulged in a champers or two tonight after PCI)


  1. Cheers! Congrats!!

    LOVE the pics of your kids :) They will look gorgeous framed up.

    Dont write off the bank - our bank had our final payment organised in under a week ;) But if you aren't too worried then its all good anyway!

    Do keep blogging - I for one love seeing all these house after handover - theres still so much to do afterall!

  2. Great to hear that PCI went well. Won't be long before we're both in our homes