Friday, August 12, 2011

If I was a Betting Girl...

I am 1 week from handover and am feeling very nervous. Although PCI was last Friday we are still final-invoice-less. I am very nervous that Handover will be postponed due to the fact we are not able to finalise our last payment.

DH has tried to get the ball rolling from the banks side of things and I was contacted about doing an inspection today. Unfortunately I couldn't get there this afternoon but the guy lives locally so will meet me onsite tomorrow so he can do his thing.

This is able to happen because the glass splashback, that was meant to go in on Tuesday, will actually be fitted tomorrow. So I have to wait at the site until they get there, then ring the inspection guy...the things you do on a Saturday morning! At least this might improve our odds for the Friday handover. I will also email my special contact at Metricon to see if they can gently persuade (ensure) things to happen too.

Splashback might not be installed yet but appliances have been. I haven't been inside to see them yet but I did manage a dodgy shot through the bifolds. (I know I wasn't going to post any more pics for a while but I can't help myself) The solar panels were fitted Thursday. They can't be seen front the front which I am relieved below is taken from the back street.

You can just see the underbench oven, cooktop, rangehood, built-in microwave and coffee machine underneath. The water purifier was popped in too. I assume dishwasher too (couldn't see) - not sure that the front cabinet piece has been put on yet (it's fully integrated)

 Solar hot water next to it - hopefully there is also room for solar pool heating too.

My quest for decorating ideas has continued. I love how pretty these fairy lights make this room...I'm sure my little girl would love them too. Remember, I am going for a very girly look in her room.

Plus this is another coffee table option. The white top kind of matches the kitchen benchtop and the metal legs go with the lounge and chairs.  

I have had unexplained problems commenting on my favourite build blogs. Please don't think I'm not interested - I'm am reading them all everyday. For some reason, I write the comment and it tells me I'm not signed in. So I sign in again and it expects me to rewrite the comment. Which I do, only to be told to sign in again...AGHHH And so it continues. No idea why or what I've done for this to happen. One or two blogs have a different set up for their comment box and so I've been able to comment on theirs. Mainly I've wanted to say: Thigee awesome - we should get our keys within days of each other! Enjoy this week ahead! And Karla, It's looking gorgeous! Continue to enjoy being in your new home! Others early in their build are seeing good progress too (well since the rain stopped!)

Tomorrow is fairly busy. We have the banks inspector to meet, gutter mesh guy for a quote, meeting with our landscape designer followed by a meeting with our pool builder. Construction certificate, which had been a bit stressful, arrived for the pool today!!! Monday or Tuesday I will start with the first of a few driveway quotes.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend,


  1. Just read your last two posts - I cannot believe (well, actually I can!) that you dont have the final invoice yet. I;m shaking my head thinking about it!

    We had handover 11 weeks ago and STILL have two small things awaiting completion!! Hopeless!!

    Kitchen looks great - cant wait to see lots of pics!!

  2. You need to clear your browsing history or something like that and then untick keep me signed in then sign out and try again. If that doesn't work google I can't sign out of blogger and try the advice on the forums.
    House looks fab nice kitchen - the invoice will sort itself out don't have a heart attack trying to grt it to happen just keep gently reminding them you want to move into your home an dget on with your life.
    Good luck