Saturday, August 20, 2011

Presence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder!

Not absence for me. Spent quite a bit of the day at the house today. The longer I'm there the more I love it. I am just dying to get everything into the house permanently (including ME!!!) My kids - particularly my daughter are so excited. She wants to help with everything, and the conversation I had with her about a feature colour for her bedroom was priceless!

DH poured a slab for the air conditioning unit to sit on. Quite a job in the thick clay mud and mess everywhere! I moved about 30 boxes from my parents place and tried to make a start sorting the mess on site. It's quite tricky to know where to start! We need to clear the area of building mess and rocks etc where the pool will be dug. The tip where they take the fill is very fussy and there can't be a whole heap of building debris mixed amongst the fill.

I realised today how important getting our driveway sorted is. So far I only have 1 quote, so this will jump in priority this week - hopefully we can commit to someone by the end of this coming week.

The pool may start by the end of next week too. The certifiers will be our only hold up. Apparently our 'guy' is on leave and no one else can write the 'notice to commence' letter we need for council...will see what we can do - maybe he'll be back Monday and can sort it out for us. We need to give 2 days notice so technically they could start Thursday or Friday if we are lucky!

I am being anti social and sitting at home on my own this arvo instead of being out with family. It has been a big week on many levels for me and I needed to take time out to just put my feet up. I really can't afford to get rundown and sick at the moment! So much to do!

Hope everyone else has had a productive week.


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  1. Congratulations Kylie, you sound like you had the similiar sort of week that I did. Very exciting to move to the new house but soooooo tiring. Anyway in a few weeks it will all be a distant memory. We are waiting for our floors to be finished soon. Then wardrobes are due. Great to hear that you had time to relax a bit.