Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Next Stage of Proceedings

It was great to see the electricians stick to their word and turn up Monday morning first thing. All of the downlights are in, plus the other lights we were having put in and the outdoor fans. The fans look great. So do the downlights I should add. The air con guy is mucking around a little. He has promised to start the job tomorrow and finish off next week. Not the plan I had in mind but as long as its finished before we move in I guess.

The guy turned up to install our roller blinds as planned but he called to say it wasn't a great idea to put them in before the flooring. He explained how bad the dust and mess will be as they prepare the floors and  that the blinds would be looking the worse for very little wear. They have been rebooked for the Friday before we move in. I am hoping the shutters may now be ready to go in at the same time.

The outdoor room fans

Some of the downlights we swapped to - we had the builder just put battens everywhere 

Downlights under the eaves

This is the light for Connor's room. It wasn't a great time of day to be taking photos - will repost another pick if I get a better one tomorrow. I am concerned about how little light this one gives off. Perhaps a nice bright lamp to help?

Maya's light - no globe yet to show off how gorgeous it is:) But this silhouette type pic gives you the general idea. Again I'll update this pic when I can.

Our pool builder came today and marked out our teeny tiny pool:) I'm excited! Hoping it will be dug Thursday morning! It comes quite close to the outdoor room which will be lovely when it's all finished.

 We will probably paint our rumpus feature wall on the weekend and maybe one in my daughter's room too. We also need to try to fit in sealing the tiles and doing a little of the floor prep (this is between soccer gala days, birthday parties and swimming).

Not impressed I still haven't heard back from our landscape designer - must call him tomorrow. DH met someone for another driveway quote today too.

Our SS emailed twice yesterday about the few things still to be finished off/fixed up. It's all in progress which is pleasing to see!

Our fence finally went down today (although we arranged to keep some for the side where the pool will go until we construct the proper fence)

Ta Daaaaa......

That's all for now people. Will keep the updates coming. I am still sooo looking forward to more progress and MOVING IN!!!



  1. Kylie all the best with your move. I presume you are having your floors done prior to moving. Good idea. I think your blinds installer is right, best to wait until the floor is done prior to installing the floors. The concrete slab give off so much of dust and the saw dust from the wood adds to the mess. Good luck with everything.

  2. I agree - good decision to hold off on the blinds - they would've suffered! Our floors created all kinds of dust, it was hideous!!

    Looking forward to more pics :)