Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Dreaming...

I have posted before about my constant quest to be inspired by beautifully decorated homes and to find a way to pick which 'look' best suits my taste, my home and the whole family's lifestyle. I also need to find a way to afford all of the beautiful things I set my heart on, when I do finally decide.

My heart wants me to 'fill' my home fairly quickly to give it a face...a personality. Too much time spent listening to gossip about project homes being characterless, has me anxious to make sure this is NOT  the case with my home. I want people to like my home and say what a lovely 'feel' it has to it. My head tells me to take my time, live in it before making larger investments and get a real feel for how the home works best. I need to care less about what others think - never has been my strong point! I know that what I think of my home is the most important thing, but it is human nature for you to want others to like it too.

I've spent time admiring a lot of things posted on another blog 'Signed by Tina'. Today I found a couple of things that caught my attention.

One thing that has me stumped is a coffee table for my main living area. I will really have to wait until my flooring and other main furniture, such as lounges and chairs, are in the room before I make any decisions. I have been considering the use of a large ottoman as a coffee table. Lovely trays could be used when serving drinks etc. Here is a couple of pics showing what I mean.

I also love one I found in a magazine a while ago that was from Coco Republic. It has a timber storage shelf underneath which I loved too.

Or I like this all glass table too but with 2 young children...probably not a great idea! Doesn't impose on the room - lets the other things be the feature. Freedom has similar tables to these that won't break the budget.

This is another idea for the front entry. I've considered having the cabinet in colour as a feature. I also like the placement of the chair next to it. A mirror here is a must too.

My son has always loved maps - his last bedroom had one wall in a wallpaper mural of a world map. I have been looking for a way to incorporate maps or globes again, so I loved the idea shown in this pic.

This is a very sad pic of his room - it was all empty (and a bit of a mess) ready for demo - but you get the idea. Looked much better fully furnished - was a feature that everyone loved!

A mixture of globes, varying sizes and colours, displayed on a bookshelf of some kind. I love the colour-coded book arrangement too but that would last about 5 minutes in my house!
And finally, I love this idea for my space poor - no where near as big as I'd like it - walk in wardrobe!

Splashback should have gone in today- will have to wait and see. Front portico was started yesterday so hopefully it gets finished very soon. Gas should be getting hooked up and other things on the PCI to do list will also be being done as I type (or soon after).

DH went to council yesterday to try to sort out some of our stresses associated with getting a construction certificate for the pool.  Blind company rang me to book in the installation of the roller blinds. Lets hope everything continues to fall into place.


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