Friday, August 19, 2011

It's a Done Deal

We have the keys! I've written on my calendar ever since this journey began. Today was the best entry so far!

Unfortunately there is still a number of things to be completed post handover (and yes it has taken a bit of shine from the occasion) but we really wanted to proceed today so that we can make a start on the long list of things we need to do. The line for lots of other little things not fixed is 'add it to the 90 day check list'. Really??? Apparently it is common practice to handover with things already needing to be addressed at the 90 day check! Hmmm. I don't mean to be a party pooper but...

I realised this afternoon that very soon we will stop referring to it as 'the house' and it will soon be 'home'. I can't wait til that moment!!! The highlight of my afternoon was popping to the supermarket and getting toilet paper, kitchen wipes, hand wash etc to put in my NEW HOUSE!

I also popped to porters paints to look at feature wall colours. We'd like to do one or two before the flooring goes in. Found a colour that is a perfect match for our roller blinds in the rumpus. Bought a test pot so I can check how it looks once the blinds go in Monday.

My air con guy has delayed starting the job from Monday to Thursday. I will email him to confirm that - won't be happy if he pushes it back even further!

LOVE how my kitchen has come up. The house is so echo-y without flooring and furniture - can't wait to see the flooring transform the place.

We are hoping that the weather improves so that we can do a couple of jobs we hope to do on the outside.

More updates soon. Have a good weekend everyone!



  1. CONGRATS!!!!

    As I've said before we had lots of things to still be completed also, but chose to handover for the same reason as you - to get things moving!!

    I've received my 90 day maintenance letter this week so it will be interesting to see what they will and wont fix. And our Construction Manager said the same thing - "you still have your 90 day maintenance"..

    I'm thinking a lot about painting in the last few weeks so I think it will be on the cards soon :)

    Cant wait to see more pics - and ENJOY!!

  2. Oh congrats Kylie!!!! All the best for you and our family in your beautiful home :)

    We also did the same, moved in knowing we still had bits n pieces left for M to do!

    Good luck with it all :)


  3. Thank you ladies - you've both inspired me along the way! I think I've enjoyed sharing the build with others on here as much as anything because you've been going through the same thing and understand it all too well. Shayne - can't believe your 90 days is up! I'll be very interested to see how you go getting things done. Tonia, how's the progress going?

  4. Congrats Kylie

    Your kitchen looks stunning!!! You lucky girl :)


  5. Thanks B - it is my favourite thing in the house:)