Saturday, August 27, 2011

There's a Hole in My Backyard Dear Liza

Quite a big one too. Unfortunately they hit rock...heaps of it. Typical of my luck, but what do you do? We could decide to make it a very shallow wading pool...Don't think the kids would be a fan of that plan! So we have disturbed the neighbourhood for 2 days now hammering out the rock. They have completed a fair bit and should finish the dig Monday sometime. Check it out

This shot shows where they ended up today. They just need to dig a bit further down at the deep end.

This photo shows how close to the outdoor room the pool comes. Also, see the white pipe (rainwater tank pipe)? Well it didn't all go around the edge of the slab as it was meant to. One part cut across the pool and the excavator dug straight into it. SS will organise for it to be fixed Monday. Our plans clearly showed where the pool was going and therefore where pipes were NOT to go!

In this shot you can clearly see where we went from nice soft earth to mean nasty rock!

Formwork and concrete pour all scheduled for this coming week - please be kind to us weatherman!

I called by late this afternoon whilst I had 5 mins to myself (waiting around while my daughter was at a birthday party). I had just bought myself a coffee, so I sat out on my 'deck' overlooking my 'pool' and imagined it all done. It is going to be an awesome summer ahead when it's all done:)

Tomorrow we will paint 2 feature walls and do a few other bits and pieces. Can't wait to see the floors start Monday! Thigee, I hope they look as amazing as yours!

This time next week we are hoping to be nearly moved in! Yayyy! Hope everyone is happy with how their work is coming along.


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